Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Glimpse of Colorado

I am slowly making my way through the Colorado pictures. Here are some that stood out first go around. They are SOOC. It is too overwhelming to think about editing all these photos.


The snow capped mountains in the distance is Breckenridge.


I did not have my zoom lens on. I was that close to the chipmunk. There were hundreds of these little guys running all over the place.


Lake Dillon Dam Reservoir.

My very attractive husband.

I am not quite as expressive.

Some poppies in Breckenridge.

On the Georgetown Loop Railway.

We went over this bridge twice. It was pretty cool.


Kimberly said...

Beautiful shots! I miss Colorado. It's an incredibly beautiful state.

Christina said...

when it's this beautiful SOOC, why bother with photoshop?! GORGEOUS - especially that first scene. I AM going to get to Colorado one day....

Joanna said...

Wowza Jen! Those are so beautiful. What a scene!

carrie said...

i'm with christina - why bother editing all of them - throw them up! they are gorgeous SOOC! i especially love the poppies. Poppppiieeees!

~ Tisha ~ said...

Hi There,

I love your photography, do you edit your pictures or are they SOOC. If so what lense do you use?? Your color is always so bright and the only way i get that is by editting..

Stacy said...

What a fun trip! For our Sonoma trip most of my shots were SOOC. Yeah way too much to edit! It is easy when the landscape is so pretty though, right?? Beautiful shots. :)

I'm pretty sure I've been on that train, too. My memory is foggy though since that was when I was pregant with Kai. It is a fun area and lots to see!

Jaimee said...

These are gorgeous! I love, love Colorado! We like to go to Lake City - hopefully we will finally get back next year...Glad you had a nice time!


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