Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coffee Cozy DIY Kit Instructions

I took your advice and put together some instructions. I still need to finish the last page which explains how to sew the sweater piece to make the cozy. I am looking for feedback. You can click on the photo to make it bigger if you are having a hard time reading the instructions.

Are the instructions clear? Do I need to add more detail?

Thanks in advance for your help!!


DIY Kit 2


Kimberly said...

That looks great! The directions are clear and you gave people a link on learning basic stitches if they're new to this. Love it!

Unknown said...

Yep. Very clear and perfect even for instructionally-challenged gals like me.

Lisa Russell said...

I'm trying to make a few of these myself, and find I am having the worst problem with the wool sweaters! One is a blend of lambs wool and silk and is pilling with huge clumps, and the other is an Old Navy 100% wool sweater that is not felting at all. So maybe some pointers on the wool sweaters you use would be helpful. :-) I enjoy your work!

Run Lori Run said...

Cute pattern and great blog! I've been contemplating doing a pattern for some of my dolls. What kind of software do you use for your pattern?

Anonymous said...

What size of a felted wool piece are you using?

Jen said...

Lisa- I try to only use 100% wool sweaters. I wash them on hot and usually run them through a couple of cycles. Then I dry them on high. The only time I have had issues is if the weave on the sweater is bigger then sometimes it does not felt up as tight.

Anonymous- I don't have a pattern that I use I cut different sizes depending on the size of the cup and how much the sweater stretches. Mine are usually around 3 x 8 inches if I had to guess.


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