Monday, August 3, 2009

Perfect End to a Wonderful Weekend

We had a weekend full of hanging out with family and friends. We got home just in time for dinner last night. So while I threw dinner together, Mitch set up the sprinkler in the baby pool for the kids. It was the perfect way to end an action packed weekend.






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Kimberly said...

i love how you captured the light in the spray of the water. adorable photos!

Cara said...

Okay that look like fun! We have to try that here. I love the series of Miller. The first one is my favorite.

Amy Jo said...

That is such a good idea! He certainty looks like he was enjoying it. That time of day makes for such wonderful light. Great series!

Megan said...

love how you captured the light in these, especially the second one -- wonderful!

carrie said...

Nice light - and super way to cool off! I love that he just jumped in with all his clothes!

Christina said...

My goodness that looks like FUN!!! And what gorgeous light....loooove how the sun shines through the water!

Jaimee said...

Your backyard is gorgeous! Wow, that beautiful green grass & all those trees! I'm with Christina - the way they light hits the water is just gorgeous!

Dawn said...

Oh, that looks delightful!!


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