Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Weeks in Crafts

I had one of those weeks where I thought about all of the things that I wanted to make, but didn't actually make any of them. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head, but for some reason have lacked the motivation to but any of them in motion.

One of the projects I have been contemplating is putting together DIY coffee cozy kits for my Etsy shop. I just do not know if there would be interest in something like that. I was thinking they would include the applique pattern, thread, eco felt for the applique, and felted wool sweater cut to size for the cozy. What do you think?


The other thing I have been wanting to explore is fusing plastic bags. I completed one sheet. You can see it underneath my drawings. It's the target bag looking thing.

I did actually finish one thing this week-another custom owl. This one is for a Temple University graduate. Harper named him T-Bird, which I thought was very fitting.


Speaking of owls, my creatures that appeared in Stuffed Magazine were on my front porch yesterday when I got home.


As you can see the kids were glad to see them again. Miller was kissing Flowers not trying to eat her. Just so you know. It was really interesting to see the difference between these owls and the one I just finished above. They seem to be growing bigger. I guess that helps keep each one unique.

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carrie said...

A cozy do-it-yourself kit is a GREAT idea! Just this morning Addie asked if I would make her one for her little milk box, she always uses a napkin because it sweats and is cold! So I would be all over a little kit, and maybe adapt it a little for the girls!

The owls are just so sweet - I think I would kiss them like Miller, too! That is the funniest pic!

La Mama Naturale' said...

Love the last pic- too cute. What a marvy idea. I'd get one. I've been wanting to fuse plastic bags as well- would love to see what's up your sleeve. ;) That book below sounds so neat- I want one. lol! :)

Stacy said...

I'm sure there would be interest in the kits. It seems like so many things can sell to other crafty folk looking for a new hobby to try out.

T-bird is so very cute...what a great graduate gift!

Joanna said...

T-bird is way cute. Does he know how clever he is? I too think that a how-to kit would be great.

Christina said...

DIY kits are a great idea!!! I have a feeling you'll be doing this fulltime before long. Funny that your animals are growing with time!

Cara said...

I love your owls! My grandmother loved owls and had them all over her house, when I see your post with the owls they make me think of her.
The Temple owl is cool, Temple is in my neck of the woods.

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