Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make Your Place


The same day that I received my GreenCraft magazine I also received a copy of Make Your Place. I saw the book over at Crafting a Green World and knew I had to have it. I mean everyone needs to have affordable, sustainable nesting skills, am I right? Plus, it cost $5. It is published by Microcosm Publishing, which has a really cool website and tons of very cool books.

The whole book is handwritten and illustrated. It is loaded with information from herbal remedies, to homemade cleaners, and even gardening.


I read this book cover to cover in one night. I absolutely loved it. I know I will keep it readily accessible because I will reference it often. If this sort of thing tickles your fancy, you really should splurge and get yourself a copy.


Kimberly said...

i am SO gonna have to get that book! it's very popular right now.

Jaimee said...

So neat that it is handwritten!

Killlashandra said...

What a wonderful idea for a book! I love the handwritten idea.

Joanna said...

Ok, I actually just went and bought it. It looks so cool. My sister in law is very green too and I thought it would be a great gift...for $5.00, you cant go wrong.

Thanks again for being a great source of great stuff. :0)

Dawn said...

Looks great! I will have to check it out :)


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