Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Season is Upon Us

June is our big birthday month. My birthday is in June. Both kids have birthdays in June. Plus, my brother and sister-in-law both have birthdays in June. Needless to say, I have birthdays on the mind. This was about as crafty as I got this week.

birthday invitation 2

I spent way too much time creating this invitation for Harper's 5th birthday party. I know it isn't perfect, but there came a point where I had to say enough is enough!! We are hosting the party at our house and these invitations will be given to all of her classmates. I like to torture myself like that. I have put all my craft and sewing projects on hold for the next couple of weeks. So hopefully that will help.

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Stacy said...

That is SUPER cute! :) Great job on the invite, and she is just totally adorable right there. We just saw Bolt this weekend after buying it at Costco on Friday night. I've seen it several times now. ;)

carrie said...

We started watching BOLT over the weekend but the DVD skipped. J. had taken the girls to see it, but I still haven't seen it!

I LOVE that invite, though. So super cute.

Christina said...

Eeek! that is super cute! Perfect picture for it. We haven't seen Bolt yet.

L~ said...

That is an awesome invite!

Kimberly said...

That's an awesome invitation! Great job!!! We still have no idea what we're going to do for our kiddo but we have a few more months to prepare. Hope Harper has an awesome birthday!

Cara said...

I love it. Bolt is big over here at our place right now too. Hope you all have a great Birthday this year!

Jaimee said...

WOW! That is awesome - you did an excellent job on that!

And, wow, TONS of b-days in your family this month!

Joanna said...

Wow Jen. You did a fantastic job on that. I bet she loved it!

Maggie said...

You did an AMAZING job -- these are adorable!!


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