Thursday, April 2, 2009


The theme today over at Stacy's is History. If you missed it, I posted some old photos of the kids yesterday that shows a bit of their history. When Stacy announced this week's theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph.

When we moved into our house almost 7 years ago, we painted every single wall in our house. One of the last areas we tackled was the hallway. After we painted it and scraped off the popcorn ceiling, we had to decide what to hang on the walls. We collected various frames that we painted and refurbished. Then we sifted through old photos to put in the frames. We made copies of the photos that we wanted to frame and hung them all on the wall. I never tire of these photos. To me, this little space is a constant reminder of our history.


DSC_0995 edited

Wasn't I cute? BTW-The real photo is not that green.


This is my grandmother and grandfather. I love this photo.



When we were cleaning out my grandmother's house many years ago, we stumbled across this flyer from World War II. We thought it was so cool. My grandfather took lots of photos during the war and we have a couple on each side of this flyer.

For a little more history, visit The Land of K.A.


Stacy said...

That is so great, Jen! I have a picture wall in our hallway, too, but I really need to redo it. I want to take some old ones off and put new ones (and OLD, OLD photos) in the frames, too. Once I get that hallway repainted I will do's down the list on the projects. ;)

Megan said...

love that collection, jen. i would love to have more old family photos on the walls. you've inspired me to get busy :). that one of you is adorable...i can see where your daughter gets it :)!

Killlashandra said...

Isn't popcorn ceiling horrible? I can't agree with you more about scraping off that nasty stuff. Make a hallway of history is a wonderful idea. Love that WW II flyer too. What a great piece of history. :)

Christina said...

That is so wonderful, Jen! I love the pictures of your past, and the lovely frames! Living, breathing history.

Oh, and I have the popcorn ceiling through my entire house. Ugh.

Dawn said...

I love the one of G& were a cute kid and Harper looks so muck like you!


Joanna said...

Hey ladies...My husband happens to spray ceiling textures for a living...Tennessee and Texas, here we come!

I love this wall too Jen. The frames that you collected and refurbished are so neat and make a great collection. I always get a warm feeling in my heart when I look at old family photos. And old, old family photos. The one of your grandparents is priceless. They knew that trick way back then too, huh? ;o)

Great history shots Jen.

Kimberly said...

I love photo walls! It looks like your grandfather had a good sense of humor from the photo of him and your grandmother.

Maggie said...

What a great tribute to your history! I love old photos -- I could look at them for hours!


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