Thursday, April 16, 2009

Food Rules


As further evidence that I am a bit obsessed with food, I am going to share some of the food rules that I have created for myself. These rules are always changing and evolving.

Please tell me someone else does this too? Is this normal?

Here are some of my rules:

1. Dinner must include one green vegetable unless we are eating something like pizza. Sometimes we add spinach to pizza or eat a salad though.
2. If I eat dinner out, I only eat half of my meal and take the other half home. I feel less guilty this way.
3. I limit my bread intake even if it is whole wheat bread. For example, if I know we are going to have pizza for dinner I won't eat a sandwich for lunch.
4. I limit my intake of soy to one serving a day. If I have soymilk in my cereal, I won't put it in a smoothie or drink it in my tea. If I know I am going to have tofu, I don't drink any soymilk.
5. If I am having fruit as a snack, I feel like I need to add protein to it so I will usually grab a handful of walnuts or almonds to go with it.
6. I try not to eat anything after dinner.
7. I will only buy organic apples. I feel like I can taste all the pesticides and wax on conventional apples.
8. I avoid all artificial sweeteners and anything that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup.
9. I try to only have cheese once a day if at all.
10. If I am craving something sweet, I will have a couple of squares of dark chocolate and a cup of tea.
11. I rarely leave the house without something to drink (water or La Croix usually).

Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes rules have to be broken and I am definitely not perfect, but I always have these rules banging around in my head.

What kind of food rules do you have?


Stacy said...

Having those rules make you healthy, so I don't think it is over the top or anything. For me, I usually have only one coffee a day and if I have any soda at all it is one in the afternoon. I drink water almost all the time. I rarely eat anything after dinner, too.

Dawn said...

I think those are lovely rules and a year ago I had many just like them :)

Need to get a few more myself...

I really like the not eating after dinner one, that worked wonders and I don't drink soda and I limit coffee to once or twice a week. But otherwise I am lacking in the rule dept!

You rock Jen! Keep it up! :))

Christina said...

You're awesome Jen! I am impressed. I pretty much drink nothing but water. I need to get much better about healthier snacks!

carrie said...

I am on board with your #s 5-11! Well...except for the one about not eating after dinner. I am trying to make that one of my goals, but because I usually eat early with the girls I'm snack-y by TV-veg time.

Or else I eat with J. when he gets home, but then it is after 8...which, ick! Also not good.

I'm working on switching my coffee consumption over to more tea. I'm doing ok, not great. Always room for improvement. I'm really getting into smoothies now - so I'm excited to try yours from last week!

And I don't think you are obsessed, but I do think you have fantastic habits and are setting a really great example for H and M! Good for you!!

Jaimee said...

Wow. I am completely impressed!! That is awesome that you can even keep that up most of the time!

Joanna said...

I bet you do all of that without even thinking about it, though. I bet it is just part of your being and that is healthy and great. As long as you dont act neurotic about it....The eating after dinner one is a struggle all the time!


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