Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally Some Craftiness

I finally have some craftiness to share with you guys. I decided that I was going to make Easter gifts for my nieces and nephew plus I made some goodies for my niece's birthday. All the gifts have been given so I can now share photos.

Here's what I made my niece for her birthday.

Bree's bag

She has a favorite baby doll so I made her a diaper bag for her baby.


I also made a pink minky and satin blanket just like her favorite one. Then I made some doll clothes, a bib, and a diaper for her baby and tucked it inside the bag.


Then I made her this skirt to match the Ariel t-shirt I picked up at the Disney Store. I made Harper a matching skirt so when we go to Disney World next week (YEAH!!!!) they can have matching outfits.

On to Easter.....

I used this pattern from mmmcrafts to make this bunny for my little baby niece.


Then I made her a taggie blanket using leftover material from her sister's baby doll blanket.


I used this pattern from Betz White to make this sweet bird pouch for my niece (the birthday girl). There are some my little ponies inside. One is even wearing bunny ears.


I made this bunny purse for my other niece with a carrot and some other goodies inside.

Josie's Bag

For my nephew I made a little tote bag and a cute bunny to fit in the front pocket then I packed it with some toy animals.

Mikey C's Bag

I had so much fun making these little gifts.

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carrie said...

Holy crafty jackpot! They all rock...but that Ariel would be a serious hero in our house with that one, my friend! Where did you find the material? I love the bags and the doll clothes, too!

And the apple fabric - and the cute animal fabric in the last photo...soooo cute! I'm breaking my sewing machine out this week, for sure!

MGF said...

You are so creative. I love that you used up materiel. I have a few projects going right now with using up materiel.

Kimberly said...

Man, you've ben busy! Great gifts for the kiddos. I'm sure they loved them. Have fun on your trip!


I can't wait to see the girls in their matching outfits, Breelyn awoke and ran to put on her Ariel skirt this morning, she says its the perfect outfit for the beach! And Callie is diggin her taggie blanket!

La Mama Naturale' said...

Wow! You sure have been crafty! I love them all. Sooo cute. I especially like the birdie coin sized purse. Definitely inspiring.

Joanna said...

Ok....the little yellow bunny....SO! SO! CUTE! I adore it! You have been so busy, but what wonderful gifts.

Holy cow that bunny is cute! :o)

Arizaphale said...

Jen! I think this is my first visit from Carrie's crafty tuesday and I am OVERWHELMED by your craftiness. I want to go away and weep for the lack of talent and craftiness in my life!!!!! What a brilliant aunt you are. We have several handmade gifts from when my daughter was little and they are treasured to this day (she is nearly 14). I can't even pick a favourite, well, maybe the bunny..or no...the bird purse...or the dolls' clothes..NO the bunny bag...oh I give up. Brilliant work.

Christina said...

SOME craftiness?! Girl, you are freakin amazing! I can't believe how MANY things you've made, and how FABULOUS they all are! It's not fair, some people get all the crafty genes. ;o)

Christina said...

P.S. Bunny. And brid purse. SO CUTE!

Dawn said...

Wow! Those are all so fantastic!

I can't even pick a favorite...they are darling~

Disney World!! Yay!! Have fun!

Golightly said...

I think Carrie nailed my sentiments exactly! Holy crafty Jackpot!! You're MY hero, girl!

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness have you ever been busy! What great projects. I bet your niece just loved her present (if she has it now!), because I can't imagine that she wouldn't. Such cuteness! Love the little boy bag, too. That's a great idea for a boy. Love it all!

Jaimee said...

Something to share?? Holy Cow!! That is amazing!!! All of it is so original and so cute!


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