Monday, April 13, 2009

Best Shot Monday- Willing Subject

My niece turned three on Saturday and I really thought my Best Shot today would be of her. I followed her around like the Paparazzi, but she plain out refused to look at me. So I did what any normal wannabe photographer would do. I photographed her sister who can't run away from me and who actually doesn't mind my camera in her face.


Look at the wonder in her eyes?

Can you see me in her eyes?

She is just too cute. Thanks for being a willing subject.
Here's a shot of the birthday girl. She almost looked at me here and I think I actually caught a little bit of a smile.


Here are two of my favorites of her from the day.



Happy Birthday sweet girl. We had a great time at your party!!

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Killlashandra said...

Sometimes it's just too true how when you want them to look at you and smile because it's a special occassion you want to document, kids refuse. ;) Although your willing subject takes wonderful pictures, I love the reflection in the eyes. Awesome close up.

Megan said...

don't these kids know that one day they'll thank you for taking so many photos? that's what i tell my kids...they aren't buying it either :). love the reflection of you in her eyes!

Suz Broughton said...

Three is one of my favorite ages of little girls. You captured it perfectly!

Christina said...

Your little nieces are too sweet! My three year old is just like that one - she makes me work for the pictures! She's rarely a willing model.


Thanks Aunt Jen for all the wonderful photos! You're Awesome I love the last one of Breelyn and Callie well they're all so adorable if I don't say so myself! Looking forward to the post were you share all the amazing things you made my birthday girl, she's so lucky!

Kimberly said...

The photo with the reflection in the eyes is amazing. I love seeing little girls in tutus, especially on their birthdays. Violet wore one on her first birthday.

Dawn said...

Oh, those are some lovely shots!
What beautiful girls and don't you just love a subject that can't escape!!

Joanna said...

How cute are they?! I love gettin' all up in there on a shot. the second is definately my fave!

Farmer Gal said...

Oooooo... I love the one of the birthday girl from above in the grass!

I love those hats with ears on them. I think we all should wear them.

carrie said...

Oh, Jen. I love the last one even better than if she was looking at you! It is awesome, and her sister in the hat...gah! Gorgeous.

Stacy said...

Happy birthday to your little niece! The youngest, oh she is a cutie! Great captures of those beautiful eyes. It is nice having an immobile subject, isn't it?

Cara said...

I know what you mean, I couldn't get mine ot look at me either, all weekend.
I love her little sister, sooooo cute!
My favorite shot though is the one from above, I love the perspective.

Maggie said...

She is totally precious!! Those eyes - she will have the boys lining up in a few years, I am sure!

I love the last shot, looking down - what a great way to frame a busy girl!

Golightly said...

How fun! I love that B&W and the last one!

Jaimee said...

Ah yes, chasing around a child who won't look at you...I definitely know that one well!! Great shots of both of them though...Love the colors!

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