Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Changes


Lately, I have been all about tweaking little things in my life to make every day life a little easier and hopefully greener in the process. I am mostly jotting these things down as a journal for me, but if someone else gains from it all the better. Here's a list of some of my little changes:

1. I have been making a bigger pot of coffee and drinking it for a couple of days. The second day it is not as fresh, but it still tastes good. I only drink one cup a day so I was making just a little bit each day.

2. I have been drinking my cup of coffee while still at home instead of lugging a big ol' cup with me to work. I would drink off that one cup until lunch time. As a result, I was hardly drinking any water.

3. I only wash my hair every other day. We only wash the kids hair every other night so why wouldn't it work for me too? I tried stretching it to every third day, but my hair feels too greasy. This allows me to take a shorter shower and I spend less time drying my hair.

4. We make yogurt about once a week. I use a double boiler so there is always water left over in the bottom pot. We also use ice water to cool the milk down before adding the yogurt starter. I save all of this water and water the plants with it.

5. After reading some of Siblings Without Rivalry, I started changing how I respond when the kids are fighting. I am still learning, but I can already see a difference. It is amazing (and pretty scary)how much of an impact my words and actions have on my children.

6. I have secretly vowed to myself that I am going to make presents or buy used toys for all the kid's (friends and cousins included) birthdays that we have coming up.

It really is amazing that such small changes can make a huge difference.


Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing!

I only wash my hair every other day, too. I can't go three days, because when I do it gets a tad greasy.

I usually water the plants with my leftover water from the night before. I have to water to drink during the night, and whatever doesn't get drunk up or used for the kids rinsing after brushing goes to the plants. I'm trying!

I may have to pick up that book - it sounds interesting!

carrie said...

Oh, I'm so on that book, too! Not that the girls fight a lot - but when they do, I want it to be fair fighting...

Ditto on the hair washing around here, too. But yeah...three days doesn't work with fine, limp hair like mine and Em's.

I've been trying to use my re-usable coffee cups more - finally got remembering the reusable bags burned into my memory - but the cup is harder. Plus then I don't really need to use my coffee cozy - and you know how I feel about that! :-)

Dawn said...

Yay for you!

Those are great~

One of my big goals this year is gifts. So far we have only gone to one b-day party but I know more are coming and I don't want to be buying "stuff". I need a plan for this one...

Thanks for sharing, I always like to hear what other's are doing to make changes.....helps me too!

Christina said...

Love the photo!

We make only make fresh coffee every couple days, too...and I wash my hair every other day. I still haven't tried making my own yogurt - need to do that!!

tracey said...

oh, i am so going to get that book!
love your baby steps to making big change! good for you. i am inspired.

Jamie said...

What a cute/creative picture. It looks just like my Sunday/Monday.

Kimberly said...

I love the are so talented! I smiled at the snippets capturing your life. I have also gone to washing my hair every other day and amazingly, it does better! Hey, grease may be the original gel product, eh?

Have a good week, friend!
Cheers, Kimberly


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