Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bunnies- Take 2


Ok, I really tried to make some cute bunnies, but again I did not succeed. I think it might be a sign that I need to stick to owls and birds. Originally I wanted to make several to put in the shop, but I think I might just buy this pattern when she gets it up. Then I can make a couple for Easter presents.

The local coffeehouse put in another order for 25 coffee sleeves. So I am going to be busy filling that order. Plus I have a couple of birthday presents to make. I think I have plenty to keep me busy. Sorry bunnies. I really thought we had a future.


I didn't completely finish this little guy. I personally think it looks more like a dog, but whatever. Sigh. I am really over bunnies.

I have a couple of gadget pouches and another coffee sleeve going up in the shop later today. I just need to find a couple of minutes to list them. Here's my first attempt at a hedgehog.


Anyone else do anything crafty this week?


Stacy said...

I think your bunnies are adorable! I love the pink one. Why do you think it's a failure?? Silly, I tell you! Don't be so hard on yourself.

That is so wonderful that you got another cozie order. I knew they would fly off the shelf like hotcakes! Love your hedgehog, too. Very cute. :)

carrie said...

Yeeeaaahhh! Ok, sorry, couldn't resist, we have that stupid Wii game Ravin' Rabbits and they do this Yeeeahhh sound when you are playing it. They kinda look like your bunnies! :-) I think they are really cute, but I am partial to your owls and birdies!

But I really like the hedgehog! He rocks...

Joanna said...

How wonderful that you got another oder of cozies!! That is so exciting! The bunnies are perfect. I think you are too hard on yourself.....although the blue and green one does look like a dog to me too. :o)

Christina said...

What the heck do you mean, you weren't successful! I think those bunnies are totally cute! Awesome you got another cozies order.

Dawn said...

I love the pink one and the puffy white tail!! Another order, that awesome!!

The hedgehog is adorable~

Keep up the great work and stop being so hard on yourself!

Kimberly said...

I think the bunnies are adorable. That hedgehog is just too, too cute!


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