Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aren't they adorable?


This is my new favorite photo of the kids together. The backdrop is not the best, but I will take what I can get. They have finally realized they can't fight it so they might as well play along. Harper has been posing for me willingly and Miller is following her lead. YEAH!!!! I am not sure how long it will last so I am going to take advantage of it.

Want to see a couple more adorable kids?



These are my brother's little ones.


Here's the whole crew together. Man, they are going to have some fun growing up. Don't ya think?


Here's my youngest brother . We celebrated his 21st birthday this weekend. I can't believe he is 21. That means I am really old.

It's always fun when we all get together. If you look closely you can see one of my dad's carvings in the background of that last photo. I need to take some better pictures soon. They are so cool.


Stacy said...

Great shot of the kids together...glad to hear they have succumbed. ;)

Oh those cousins are going to have fun together as they grow up...and get in a bit of mischief together, too, I'd wager. ;)

Maggie said...

Those are all adorable kids! I really love the first one -- so sweet!

Killlashandra said...

Oh my they are cute foursome all together. :) I can't blame you for loving that first shot, it's so wonderful when there's a pause and understanding to smile for mommy and the camera. Take lots of pictures before they change their mind. LOL

Christina said...

That brother/sister picture really is one to cherish! The cousins make a cute foursome.

Cara said...

I love the shot of all the kids together, what a cute bunch! The one of Harper and Miller is awesome. I can't wait to get mine to sit together.

iMother2.0 said...

It totally love the first shot, the kids are stunning, so I didn't even look at the background until you mentioned it :)

Happy birthday to your brother...and yes, that carving looks so very cool!

Kimberly said...

That is a wonderful shot of Harper and Miller. You're very lucky to live near family. Our closest relatives are four hours away.

MGF said...

All the kids together, that is so cool.

Johnny Cash Album... Wow now that is OLD.

carrie said...

Woohoo! Wishing you many great photos of them now that they are semi-cooperating! I do love that first photo! And the smiles are not cheesy like I get a lot of the time!

Dawn said...

They are adorable!

What a keepsake!


La Mama Naturale' said...

They're certainly too cute for words!!! All four of em' Looks like your bro had a great b-day. Oh! I'm definitely going to enter your the contes for a coffee cozy. My friend would love it for her birthday. ;)


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