Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Little Bit of This And A Little Bit of That


This is a totally random post because I am feeling a little random today. I was looking at my bedside table the other night and the pile of books and magazines that rest there and thought I would share a photo. It's really out of control. I love to read. I never read more than one novel at a time, but do like to have other materials to read depending on my mood. I would love to see what's on your bedside table. Leave it in the comments or take a photo and share it on your blog. Let me know so that I can come take a peek.

Ok, on to other news. My Daisy owl was on the front page of Etsy or at least that is what I was told. I was not fortunate enough to see it for myself. I looked through the Treasuries to see if I could find it, but I didn't see it there either. I wish that I had been able to see how she looked, but it is still pretty cool.

The last bit of news I have to share is pretty exciting too. Are you ready for this? Miller is potty trained. Yep, he has been wearing underwear for the last several weeks with very few accidents. I am not really sure how it all happened. We had been talking about it for months. We started giving him a M&M every time he went. Then I made a chart with stickers and he filled it up in no time. So I let him pick out a toy. Then we bribed him some more to poop in the toilet and I guess it worked. Something must have clicked. I still can't believe it. I truly thought he would never get it, but luckily I was wrong. I haven't wanted to mention it in fear that I would totally jinx it and he would regress. I am pretty confident now that there will be no more diapers for us ever again!!! Yippee. I am so proud of you little guy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


L~ said...

It's in the air! My twins are finally out of diapers, too! Feels great, doesn't it? All those hours of free time. (sarcasm inserted here ;)) none the less, less in the garbage cans!! Congratulations to you and your BIG KID!!

Dawn said...

Cool, yay and yaaaay!!

No more diapers, now that's something to toast to...cheers!

Beside my bed...Organic Housecleaning, Cooking Light mag and Family Math.

Happy Friday~

Cara said...

Please send the potty training mojo my way.
I am going to have to take a picture of my books, its an eclectic collection. I'll let you know when I post.
Your owl is cute. I have one of your coffee sleeve with an owl and love it. I was out shopping last SAT and had it around my Latte and a couple of ladies at the store I was in asked me where I got it. They surely were jealous. I did tell them your website though.

MGF said...

Hurray for Miller.
I have read Siblings without rivalry- good book, wish I could implement better.

Kimberly said...

Oh, I like this bedside table book idea. I have a stack of random books on mine. I will post later about those!

Congrats on Miller's potty training! Isn't it a happy day when you can do away with changing diapers, pull ups, etc?!? Way to go!

Lastly, I just received my Nikon D60from Amazon. I chose it over the Canon partially because of your beautiful photographs. You will have to guide me as I learn how to use it!

Have a good rest of the weekend! Cheers, Kimberly

Christina said...

Random posts are always fun! I actually generally only read one book at a time. I know, I'm boring. Awesome that Ms. Daisy was featured!!! And total congrats for Miller. Woohoo!

carrie said...

First - YEAH!!! Miller!! That is the most exciting news!

And yeah, for Ms. Daisy too...I hope she goes to a happy home who loves her as much as we love our Owly. have to let us know how the Gabaldon book is..I'm looking for some good stuff.

My nightstand still looks a lot like this, but I've added a few and deleted a few, so maybe I can get to a photo later in the week for you to peek at.

Have a great week!

Killlashandra said...

That's excellent news about Miller! Sounds like he suddenly decided it was time. :)

Oh I remember reading Diane Gabaldon. My best friend and I went through all her books together several years ago and what a hoot they are too. :)

Stacy said...

Yay for potty training AND having your owl featured! Both very exciting, but the potty training thing wins, I do beleive. NOthing is better than not having to deal with diapers again. :)

Kimberly said...

Way to go Miller!!! Congratulations Mom on both Miller's potty training success and on your owl.

Books on my nightstand: currently reading Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. Other books include Interview With A Vampire and Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice ~ guess I'm on a vampire kick right now. Dare to Discipline and Strong Willed Child by Dobson. You Can't Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded) by Tobias. Those are just a few that are sitting on my nightstand (which is actually an old wood microwave stand :) it's the perfect size for all my books and other oddities that I like to keep by the bed, lol).


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