Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am so envious of individuals, artists, crafters, and hobbyists that have a primary focus. That have a hobby or art that they do well. My dad is an excellent carver. He carves these incredible houses and structures out of cottonwood bark. My mom is a cross stitching expert. I look at the projects she completes and I am in awe of her patience and skill. (I will post some pictures soon.) I feel like people all around me have this incredible talents. Whether it is photography or sewing or crafting, they know what they like to do and they do it well.

I have SO many things that I am interested in and I just can't focus and get really good at one. I want to perfect my photography. I want to expand my sewing skills. I would love to learn to knit. Spring is slowly approaching and I want to grow a bigger garden. I would love to spend more time cooking and preparing healthy meals. I guess having so many interests isn't a bad thing, but at times it gets so overwhelming. Lately I have been longing and searching to find a hobby that I am really good at, but to be honest I don't think it is going to happen. At least not anytime soon. Anyone have any advice or suggestions to help me keep my focus?

For now you get to see what I have crafted this week. I have been trying to stock up the shop.

Some coffee cozies...




A couple of gadget pouches....



I made these sweet little bird sachets that are stuffed with lavender.



And another owl...


I also made a pendant and matching earrings, but didn't get photos.


Killlashandra said...

The bird satchets are adorable. :) It's hard to focus on one craft I have to agree with you. I would do so many more if I had time but time is what restricts me to photography and jewelry making. And I still don't think I have enough of time for just those 2. I think by trying out lots of different things you may find what truly strikes your fancy. But then why rush, crafting is just plain fun. :)

L~ said...

You sound like me...I was a potter, than had a few more kids, than writer, than photography, while sewing and knitting and gardening, and decorating and reading, and blogging and cooking and baking...etc etc. oh! we just have to give in to the ebb and flow of our creativity - let it go! You are multi talented, thats all!! (although I totally understand what you wrote b/c that is how I feel. Will my attention span ever stop being so spastic?!)

MGF said...

The button cozie is really cute.

carrie said...

I think my last comment did not post. Bah...let's see what did I say?

Oh yes, sorry Peeps - but the owl is no longer in the store! I soooo love it. I had intended on giving it away as a birthday gift, but...I just don't think I can part with it. It is so sweet.

And as far as being envious...I think there are many people that can do many things very well, and you Jen are one of those people. Just gifted through and through.

I now have to go peruse the coffee cozys...hee!

Jamie said...

OK, take it back! What do you mean a hobby you're really good at? Your Etsy shop is FULL of great stuff. Now if we're talking FOCUS I don't think that's something you can force. What do you enjoy/love doing most? I think that's the one you should spend the most time on.

Stacy said...

YOu are doing great the way you are working it now! Just because you may not think you are doing well focusing (despite making such cute stuff!), time will always make you better. I've been sewing for over 20 years now and I get better at it every year. Time is a great teacher. :) I also find that I get burned out on one thing, and lucky me! there are so many other crafty things I can work on. It's a good thing to have several creative outlets.

Lucky Carrie for snagging that owl. So cute!

Dawn said...

I get a little overwhelmed myself when I set too many goals or want to learn too many new can always take some time, it's not wasting it to think on it and reflect. We all need to know what works for us and what doesn't.

As far as I'm concerned you are a fantastic photographer and the things you make (crafts, sew, etc) are seriously awesome!!

Perhaps people who are really good and zoned in on one strength wish they could be multi-talented like you~ Variety is the spice of life!


Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My mother went through many, many craft *phases*. And, while she was competent--good, even--at nearly everything she tried, it took her years to find her niche. I think you'll just have to find your focus, your passion, your love, and to do that you'll have to try out lots of different things to see what fits. Not to say that everything else must go by the wayside once you find "it", but I bet you'll be a lot more content.

Now, I'm off to your shop...I've been coveting your adorable little gadget pouches :-)

Jaimee said...

You are a jack of all trades...that is an amazing thing! Embrace it! these are all wonderful!

Jen said...

Thanks everyone for your super sweet comments. You sure know how to make a girl feel better.

suzannah said...

LOVE your cozies! what a great idea.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

wow! love them! super cute! I too love the cozies. very creative :)

Christina said...

what do you mean, you're not talented?! Honey, you're good at EVERYthing! I know plenty of people - myself included - who would be envious of that.

Joanna said...

Oh - I love the owl! I agree with Jaimee...Embrace it all. I wish I had another hobby or craft to fall back on when I am in a photography lull. I say just roll with it! You're doing great.

Lisa Sharp said...

Love it all but I REALLY love the birds! So cute!!

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