Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paper, Paper, How I Love Thee


I love magazines, books, lists, and pretty stationary. I love paper. This creates a problem when you are trying to be environmentaly conscious. I try to stay away from magazines eventhough Real Simple was calling to me the other day at the store and I had to buy it. I borrow books and go to the library. I reuse paper for lists and taking notes at work, but sometimes that is not enough.

To cope with my love of paper, I am constantly trying to think of new ways to reuse it. So when I received a package last week from a wonderful Etsy seller, I was thrilled to see my buttons stowed away in a box made from paper scraps. I immediately unfolded it so that I could see how it was constructed. Then I found a tutorial online to fill in the blanks. I had to make boxes for each of the kids and they both took them to school the next day.

Then I stumbled across another tutorial explaining how to make gift bows out of recycled magazines. Too bad I found this after Christmas.

There are a countless number of projects you can do with scrap paper, magazines, and paper bags. These are just a few that I have stumbled across lately. Anyone else have any other ideas you want to share?

I guess paper is on my mind these days. I have listed a few paper type items to my shop this week. I have been working on taking better photos for my shop too. It has been very challenging for me. I am getting better, but welcome constructive criticism.


Jaimee said...

I found that paper scraps box tutorial a couple of weeks cool, right?

I love that paper stationary in the picture...awesome!

Dawn said...

I just made one of the boxes! So fun! My daughter (12) is going to love making them!

I love stationary too but my favorite are the handmade and funky kinds. Hoping to make some of my own soon. A friend has all the supplies, just need to get there.


Bunny said...

Oh I love paper too. I have made myself not buy any note cards or stationary in the past few years because I had so much and didn't use it fast enough. I love the idea of the little boxes!

Christina said...

I so wish I were clever and crafty. I adore the final products, but just looking at that stuff makes my head hurt. Sigh.

but dang, if I could learn this stuff and do handcrafted packaging with my photo coold would that be?!

Killlashandra said...

What wonderful ideas! I like the boxes out of scraps. It's amazing how hard it is to get rid of paper. I can't even throw out postcards from years ago I stick them up on a memory board for years to come. :)

Joanna said...

Why is it so easy to love paper? I love paper too. Hooray for you for finding great ways to use your paper. Those note cards are so cute. I have so many in my closet and forget they are there when I need one.

Kimberly said...

Hiya Jen! (My fellow Tennessean!)

During the craziness of the holiday season, I really missed reading your insightful posts and gazing at your wonderful photographs. I am enjoying getting caught up now.

Looking forward to getting to know you in 2009!

Cheers, Kimberly

Rachel said...

Ooh - love those stamped envelopes! So very pretty!

And you take such nice pictures... love your self-portrait in your profile!

Stacy said...

I love your cards - they are so pretty. You are doing a great job taking shots for your store, too.


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