Friday, January 16, 2009

16 Things About Me

Since yesterday was all about me, I thought I would just continue with the theme today. This meme has been floating around all week. I have seen it at Mother May I, Hip Momma's Journal, and A Little White Space.

16 Things About Me

I am....
an optimist
an organizer
a dreamer
a procrastinator
a sleeper, but not a napper
a morning person (most of the time)
happily married
in love with my kids
a coffee lover
a beer drinker
a romantic
a cuddler
addicted to blogging
a bit obsessive
not a perfectionist
a thinker

I would love to know more about all of you, so if you feel like doing this meme I would love to read it. Just leave me a comment so I can pop over and read it.

Because I know you want to see a little bit more of me, I put together this collage using some CoffeeShop actions I have been playing around with lately. If you are a Photoshop Elements user like me, this website is great. There are tons of free actions and tutorials. It makes the fact that I can't use The Pioneer Woman's Actions a little less painful.

Coffeeshop Collage

Ok, this is the last thing I promise. I have accepted the fact that I am the New Green Mama so I will now have my blogger account routed to I know this won't matter for most of you that read my blog through a reader. I just wanted to simplify things and for $10 it seemed worth it. I also want to spruce up my blog you know when I get a free minute :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


Dawn said...

Been thinking about doing something different with my site too...we'll see...

I'll do a meme this weekend...liked yours, sounds a bit like me, except the beer drinker part. :)

My favs are the powder room and attic vintage. When I get some free time of my own I will have to take a look at the sites.

Happy Friday!

Joanna said...

Its so fun to play with actions isnt it? Thanks for sharing your meme.

I have been thinking about moving to my .com address to. I've owned it since Ella was born....just lazy I guess!

Christina said...

Your meme is so reads almost like poetry. You're a cool person, Jen!

I love the CoffeeShop actions, too! there are several I use fairly fruquently. I wish I'd know about them back before I got CS3...

Kudos on making the transfer!

Jaimee said...

Loved reading your 16 things! I'm right there with you on several...especially the coffee!! :)

L~ said...

I really enjoy what I have seen of your blog. You have the camera I am looking at right now - do you enjoy it? Here's my link to my 16 things... maybe not as lyrical as yours - oh well!!

Good day to you!

Megan said...

love that quartet!

Cara said...

Love the new header and profile picture. I am a morning person by default (kids), and the coffee I love helps.

Dawn said...

Going to do my meme today...I'll trackback to your post!

Anonymous said...

I'm a beer drinker as well. Wine gives me a headache.

I think Pioneer Woman is working on actions for elements, isn't she?

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