Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lost Momentum

The last week seems like a blur. We have had Christmas, time at home relaxing, a stomach bug, and a hernia surgery (my husband) all in one week. I finally feel like I might be emerging from the fog (maybe).

I really hope to start sewing again this week. I have totally lost my momentum . I keep wanting to sew and needing to sew to fulfill a wholesale order, but have not been able to make myself actually do it. I haven't taken my camera out since Christmas either and I think she might feel a bit neglected. However, I have made 4 loaves of bread with my new breadmaker so at least we have fresh bread!!

Since I can't have a post without photos, I thought I would share some of my kids and their cousins taken on Christmas Eve. Even though the lighting is horrible and the quality is not the best these photos crack me up. Please just ignore the red eyes too. I just didn't have the energy to edit them.


Ok kids over here.


No over here.


The clapping is sweet, but look at me. PLEASE!


Ok, one out of four isn't bad.


Seriously, just look at me. You don't even have to smile.


It's just not going to happen, is it?


Oh no, now they are escaping.


It's no use.


Yeah, just tackle her. Why not?


That's much better.


It is a nice Christmas Tree. Look at all the candy canes at the bottom of the tree.


Oh sweet baby.
You can't say I didn't try to get a nice photo of all the kids.


Dawn said...

lol...what we do for a nice shot!

Happy New Year!


Kimberly said...

That's great Jen! We just had two kids to get photos of and it was a hopeless cause. I can't imagine trying to get one of four kiddos! Sweet photos, especially Harper kissing the baby.

Christina said...

LOL! Jen, this is the best series - so cute!!!!

Joanna said...

It is so difficult to get them to do what you want isnt it? Great series. It told a whole story of trying to get that perfect shot! Even if we dont succeed....Getting there is part of the fun. :o)

Jaimee said...

Awww...those are all just too cute! I love all of the outtakes!

Sounds like you guys had a rough few days...hope everyone is recovered now!

Anonymous said...

That exact thing happened in every other house across America.

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