Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elfie and Crafts

Last year I decided to start a new Christmas tradition. I stumbled across this Elf on a Shelf. I knew that Harper would be so excited about it so I ran out to Hallmark and picked one up. Upon his first appearance last year, he was named Elfie. Well, Elfie made his first appearance for this holiday season this morning.


When Harper saw him, she flipped out. It is so exciting to see the look in her eyes. She really gets Christmas this year. Of course, now they both have to be good because Elfie reports back to Santa every night and then reappears in a different place in the morning. This also means we have to remember to move him each night. Shhh don't tell anyone.

I have been spending every free moment sewing. My Etsy Store is doing great so far (I have made 25 sales), which means I am constantly restocking it. Those coffee cozies seem to be the biggest hit.

After reading Just Tutes blog yesterday, I knew that I had to try those cute ornaments with Harper and Miller. I found my bluntest needle threaded it and cut up a bunch of scraps. They loved it. Miller was even able to do it. Since I only had one needle that was big and blunt, they had to take turns. But here is the final product.


After this was done, Harper was ready to move onto something else. So I drew a heart on a piece of scrap fabric and let her have at it. I was surprised at how well she was able to follow the outline of the heart. As you can tell from the photo it started out a little shaky, but she got the hang of it in no time.


We have plans to do a Christmas tree and wreath next. I guess I better invest in another needle for Miller too.


Joanna said...

Dont you love it when your kids show an interest in the same things you like? Harper did great on that heart. And the wreath looks like a great project for the kids too.

MGF said...

Looks like you had some fun creating it together.

Christina said...

Harper is totally fallowing in her Mommy's creative footsteps! Miller, too. :o) We have a little elf that hides in a different spot every day, but I should add the aprt about reporting back to Santa...

Christina said...

oh, and awesome the store is doing so well!!

Cara said...

What a neat tradition. I love it. Congrats on the store doing well.

Jaimee said...

I love the idea of the elf!! Will have to do that when Caden gets older! And congrats on your shop!!

Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

oh oh oh.... did you see the elf on a shelf website??? I just found it through Melody at Hip Mommas Journal.

You can register your elf by his name... and print a letter from Santa... and an adoption certificate from Mrs. Santa... and there are tons of other things to do. Fun fun fun.

Stacy said...

How wonderful that your shop is doing well...way to go! I saw that tutorial on Just Tutes, too. You are more on the ball than me in getting it done, though. :)

Kelly said...

We have an "Elfie" too! Ours came from our own story line but as you can see if you read my post its got all the trappings of Elf on the Shelf.

I'll tell you later Betty


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