Monday, December 29, 2008

Best Shot Monday- Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas and several much needed days off. I really could get use to not doing anything, but hanging out. I was sewing like a mad woman for several weeks prior to Christmas. With all the preparation for Christmas and my Etsy shop, I was just plum worn out. Last week sales slowed down and then stopped, so I was not really thinking about that any more which was nice. Then like always Christmas was here and gone in a flash. On Friday and the rest of the weekend, we just relaxed and played with all our new toys.

Santa brought me a speedlight for my camera, so hopefully my indoor shots will improve considerably (now I just have to learn how to use the thing). My parents got me a breadmaker so now I will be able to easily make homemade bread.

I did not do a great job capturing all the moments that transpired over the long Christmas weekend, but I will leave you with a few.






Did I mention I love my new flash? All the shots above were taken with my new speedlight!! Here are a couple more taken pre-speedlight





I don't know if I can pick a Best Shot. It's too hard for me to choose between the first and the fourth one.

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Dawn said...

Oh, that speedlight sounds wonderful! Glad you had a nice Christmas...I enjoyed all the time our family got to spend together as well~

I like all the shots, especially the one that shows your daughter whispering something to your son....too cute!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic Christmas! I, too, could really get used to not working :-)

I have a speedlight. Like you, I really like it...but I'm not sure how to use it! And I've had it for well over a year! Every so often I get a real winner of a shot using it, but more often than not they're funnily lit snapshots :-)

Stam House said...

Those pictures are just adorable!!!!

Joanna said...

Congrats on the Speedlight! Dont you just love getting stuff for your camera? You can really tell the difference between the ones used with it and the ones not. How fun for you! Christmas looked fun!

Stacy said...

Looks like you are putting your speedlight to good use...great job! It really opens up what you can do inside in low light. You had a very fun Christmas, I can tell. :)

Cara said...

I think all the shots are great, you have such cute subjects. I don't think I can choose between the first an d the fourth shot, they are just too sweet.
I have the speed light and love it. I still need to learn a lot. I just learned how to use it remotely which is soooooooooo cool.

PamperingBeki said...

Great pictures and beautiful kids!

Christina said...

Oh man, I hadn't even thought about how busy the success of your Etsy shop would make you! Wow, I bet you're glad for the rush to me over!

Looks like a wonderful Christmas, and lots fo great shots. A speedlight, how fun! I'd love to get one. I think picture #2 is my pick for favorite. Well, and H whispering in M's ear!

Jaimee said... are rockin' that speedlight! I rented one once and I could NOT get it to work! I really want to buy one and try again...especially after seeing your awesome pics!!


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