Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Photographer in Training


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Anonymous said...

Great shot. Thanks for sharing!

jayedee said...

this has got to be one of my all time favorites! happy ww!

Killlashandra said...

That's a cute picture. I love the title too. :)

Christina said...

Love this!! So awesome. You will both cherish it one day when she's an awesome photographer like her Mama!

MGF said...

Isn't fun that our kids are seeing our hobbies and wanting to share in them.

Anonymous said...

Your girl is using a better camera than I have:)
WW - Check out the Tongue!

One Mom said...

Great idea! You'll have to post some of your daughter's pictures too!

Kimberly said...

Great photo! I had a huge laugh at Marina's comment because I feel the same way. Although my camera doesn't work right now so that could be it for me. ;)

Maggie said...

That is fantastic! What a great shot -- and a perfect title!

Stacy said...

Love the perspective on this one! Hopefully she follows in mama's footsteps. :)

Joanna said...

Dont you just love it when they show an interest in photography? Such a great persepctive.

Cara said...

That's awesome. My niece wants to start doing photography and I am so excited to share with her what I know.

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