Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

Jennifer over at Little Green Secrets tagged me to participate in the meme 6 Random Things About Me. I thought I would play along. I am sure you are all busting at the seams to know just a little more about me, right. Before we get to that, how about a couple of pictures. Why not? This post is all about ME. Ok, mostly about me.



She is laughing because she pooted on my leg. I am not lying.


I am not sure what is up with Miller. I don't remember him being upset. I like to think he was jealous, but I don't think that was the case.

Ok back to the meme.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you. 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Write six random things about yourself. 4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. 5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog 6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Here are 6 Random Things About Me:

1. I have been wearing the same pair of tennis shoes for over 4 years. I think I might be due for a new pair soon.

2. The Indigo Girls are my all time favorite musical group. Eventhough I haven't really listened to them in years.

3. I am currently reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I am almost finished with the 4th book. Man, these books are good.

4. The Office is my favorite TV show.

5. I work with my mom, dad, and brother.

6. I am totally addicted to coffee.

So there you have it. I am tagging six lucky ladies.

Joanna at Worth-It-All

Kimberly at A Growing Violet

Killashandra at Southwest Photo Mementos


Killlashandra said...

Wow, I love the Indigo Girls, but I'm with you I haven't listened to an album in years. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to root around at home and see if still have their albums from way back when I had time to listen to music. ;)

Thanks for the tag. I think I did this one but I'm sure I can think of 6 more random things to write about. LOL

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I can always depend on you. I promise to not keep doing this to you.

How funny. I’ve got you beat. I have been wearing the same pair of shoes since my oldest was born. That would make my shoes almost seven years old. I guess I shouldn’t be too proud. The sole of one of my shoes finally started peeling. Also, I’ve been running in them and need to replace before I get hurt.

Indigo Girls…I remember them when they started. I was going to college in Atlanta at the time. I never really listened to them, but took them along w/R.E.M. and The B-52’s both which I liked, but also haven't listened to in years. The only group from the 80’s that I’ve really stayed w/is D.M.

Is it alright to say you like The Office? Okay. Well, I like it too! I’m laughing right now :) :) :)! I was so mad I missed the episode last week.

What does your family do? Is that too much of a reveal? I believe in family business. It is a special type of relationship and I’m sure your children benefit from seeing how well you work w/your parents and brother.


Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I love Harper's tights. I just bought some for my daughter, but they are boring solids.

Why are poots so funny? Oh, you may enjoy this The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure.


Christina said...

Oh yes, we love to see you!

I've had the same tennis shoes for....6 years? But I've "only" been wearing them for 4. I didn't like them when I first got them, but rediscovered them while pregnant and I love them now.

The Office - YES, me too!

Cool that you work with for family.

Jaimee said...

Love this! Love the pics of you and the kiddos!

I'm addicted to coffee AND the office!!!

I need to do this...and a million other blog things too...hopefully, I will get it up soon!!!

Kimberly said...

I adore the photos of you with the kids! I don't know about you but I tend to be the one who's always behind the camera and so I don't have very many photos of me w/ Violet. I need to change that.

Cokes are my caffiene addiction. I'm too lazy to make coffee ;)

Thanks for the tag. I can't wait to see what others write!

Cara said...

I think so of us should start an addicted to coffee support group. Mine is up, thanks for the tag it was fun and really made me think.

Joanna said...

I love these shots of you and your kids. And I finally just got my post up for this tag! Sorry it took me so long! :)

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