Thursday, October 2, 2008

Impromptu Photo Session

We usually get together with my husband's side of the family on Friday nights. Last Friday my sister in law asked me to bring my camera to get some photos of her newborn baby girl. There was no planning involved and I did not have the advantage of using natural light since it was getting dark out. I took SO many photos and only had a handful that I thought turned out decently. Today's theme is Multiples. I thought a preview of my first impromptu photo session would be appropriate for today's theme because boy did I take multiple, multiple shots of this perfect little girl.




storyboard 3_edited-1

bw stb_edited-1

If you want to see more great shots, head on over to The Land of K.A.


Stam House said...

so cute!

Megan said...

i like those b&ws -- so cute with her mouth open.

Stacy said... did a nice job! She is truly adorable. My favorite is the first one. :)

Cara said...

How sweet, what a gorgeous little girl. I really like the b&w ones with the pink border. The one with her head down is precious.

Killlashandra said...

She's too precious. I love your 3 images framed with the black and pink frame. I think those turned out really nice. :)

Head Gaggler said...

Awww, very cute. Love the different varieties of her!

Christina said...

Oh Jen, you did awesome! That first one is so precius, and I love the storyboard, too. Nicely done!

Golightly said...

How how sweet, and what fun practice! I love the storyboard. You got a lot of great shots to chose from.

Maggie said...

These shots are amazing! What a cutie - and you did a great job capturing her little personality!

Joanna said...

The story board is so good. How fun to take pics of new baby!

Kelly said...

I love your page! You take beautiful photographs. I am new to blogging and new to photography myself, and I am also a green mommy! I would love to follow your blog. Check out my blogs and let me know what you think. Have a great week!


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