Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Ultimate Portabella Mushroom Sandwich

Rarely do I eat a meal that I have cooked that leaves me feeling nice and satisfied. Since this rarity happened on Monday night, I felt the need to write about it.

I marinated a couple of portabella mushrooms like I normally do. I just combine olive oil, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, a splash of soy sauce, and some spicy brown mustard and let them marinate while I get everything else together. Sometimes we grill them and sometimes I just pop them in the oven. Since I was already baking sweet potato fries, I decided to just pop them in the oven so they could soak up all that marinade.

I cooked them at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. I removed them from the oven and topped with some brie. Brie is pretty strong so I used just a little bit. The mushrooms were warm that the brie melted right away. No need to put it back in the oven.

Meanwhile, my husband was cooking his turkey burgers stuffed with brie on the grill. He also grilled the sliced apples.

I toasted some fresh whole wheat rolls. Then I assembled my wonderful sandwich. Mushroom topped with brie and grilled apple on a whole wheat bun.

At first, the grilled apple seemed to disappear. But the last several bites I took I could really taste the apple and all the flavors just worked well together. I could not decide whether to add the lettuce to the sandwich or eat it as a salad. I opted to have a salad, but next time might try it on the sandwich.

You can never go wrong with sweet potato fries. I cheated and bought some frozen. I have tried making them from scratch, but these from Alexia taste so good. Yum. It was a great meal!!!

portabella mushroom

I am still working on photographing food. I have not quite gotten the hang of it, but you get the point. It tasted good!!


Christina said...

yummy - this sounds sooooo good!And I don't even like brie.

Stam House said...

I made one of those a while back they were so good

MGF said...

I just finished my sandwich- boring ham and pepper jack. Than I see this.
Looks so good

Jaimee said...

Yummy...I LOVE sweet potato fries and so does Caden! We make them several times a week...But, i always buy them frozen and bake way I would ever get around to doing them from scratch!

Stacy said...

That looks soooo good! I will have to give that a try.

Blue Sunrise Photography said...

Oh does that ever sound yummy! Thank you for sharing, I would have never thought of adding the grilled apple to it.


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