Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Identity Crisis

Here's the thing, I am having a bit of an identity crisis. When I first started this blog, I was all about going green. I had read so much and collected so much information. I felt the need to share. I also wanted a place to share with family and friends all the fun stuff going on with the kids.

As more people started reading New Green Mama, I felt a little uncomfortable about having the kids stuff on that site so I separated the two. Well, I quickly realized keeping up with more than one blog is just too much for me to handle right now. So that did not really work.

Because I felt like each post needed a photograph, I started taking more photos. Which in turn peaked my interest in photography. (I promise I have a point. Stay with me.) I stumbled across all of these lovely blogs, which made me want to improve the photos I was taking. My husband bought me my DSLR for my birthday and the rest is history.

So here's my point. I am still very green. I am still trying to improve the way I live and my impact on the environment, but it does not define me. I have such a wide range of interests and my blog is about so many different things. Not just being green. So I don't feel like the title New Green Mama does the blog justice. Besides, the term "green" is so overdone these days. I want a new name and a new look. The thing is, I just can't seem to think of a fun, creative, and defining name. I am also afraid that if I start from scratch I will lose readers. Not that I have tons, but it has taken several months to get to this point.

Any advice? Anyone else gone through this before?


Jaimee said...

Thanks for the linky love Jen! I completely understand the worry about losing readers...Earlier this year I changed my domain name to get rid of my last name for safety and privacy reasons...but, I was also worried about how to do that without losing readers!

I went ahead and purchased my domain name through Google (I think it was $10 for a year) and then changed my settings to forward the old domain to the new one so that if anyone was using that old one, they would just be redirected.

As far as a new blog name...that was SOOOO hard for me...took me over a year to find one I liked! The first thing that popped into my head for you was: Tales from Tennessee....Don't worry, I won't be offended if you don't use it...Like I said, I'm not that good at took me over a year to decide on one for myself!!

Christina said...

Hmmm. I'll have to do some thinking and see if I can come up with any ideas for you. My title was mostly default...I tried about a dozen different things that were all already taken, until finally "Momology" was available. I like it but don't love it...I don't feel like it defines my blog well, since I do a lot of photography stuff on there as well as Mommy stuff.

I have thought about moving to Wordpress under a new name, but like you I have concerns with losing readers.

I can promise I will follow you to any new site under any new name. :o)

Oh, and thanks for the linky love!

Stacy said...

I changed my blog earlier this year. My old host was a pain and I wanted to take my last name off of it. It was the original name of my blog, so I just bought the domain and redirected from my old site. Just think about it for a bit and see what you can come up with. Whatever you do, we will still follow you to where you go!

Dawn said...

I've only occasionally stopped by your blog (and you come by The Mom Crowd frequently, where I contribute) - so this post caught my eye and I thought I'd offer my two cents.

I spent about 2 months deciding on a new blog name and developing my new blog look before unveiling it to others. That gave me lots of time to play and be finicky before deciding to announce it. (I switched from Blogger to Wordpress in the process.)

I think blogging will continue to evolve, and as creative people, we will continue to evolve as time goes by. It makes sense to want to change the look, name, themes of one's blog; it's hard to keep ourselves confined to a virtual "box" of expectations. At one point, I kept a photoblog separate from a personal blog, but that seemed silly, so I blended them. I lost readers along the way but gained new ones. People will get over it. No biggie.

I find myself itching to change my blog title again (I choose mine from song lyrics I like!), but this will require others to change the names on their links lists. So I'll hold out a little longer to spare them the confusion.

Best wishes in your new name search!

Joanna said...

Yes, thank you for the linky love! I am honored that you are a reader of mine and will certainly follow you just as everyone else has said.

I used to have two blogs too, family and then just random stuff. It took up way too much of my time. On a personal note about the name of my blog...We went through invitro to have Ella and it took years to have a successful pregnancy. Once Ella was born, I built a website called (which is still up and floating out there in web space. I keep the address incase I ever want to go back to it) to share with family our journey. Once that became WAY to hard to update, I turned to blogging and just kept the name. To me, Worth It All describes our family to a tee and is just synonymous with our life, no matter what I blog about.

So, on that note, I guess I would try to think of something that describes you all as a whole. Jaimee's suggestion was was pretty good I thought...after readin that I thought "Tennessee Tales" sounded good too.

Anyways, take your time. I'll keep it in my head to think of something too. BTW, I like your new header.

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