Friday, September 5, 2008

The Funny Things They Say and Do

light saber 2_filtered

I thought a post summarizing some of the cute/strange/funny things happening at my house was in order. So here you go.

Star Wars according to my daughter:
  • The gold shiny robot is C-creepio.

  • The green cute guy is Kody.

  • She is to be referred to as Princess Leia at all times. Please do not call her by her real name.

  • Your Highness means Queen or Princess. So and I quote, "Daddy, when I ask for cereal in the morning, you can say yes your highness."

  • The freezing of Hans Solo has caused her way too much angst.

  • She is a Jedi knight and will fight any bad guys that may enter our house. Since I do not have my own light saber, she will protect me from evil. (Boy, that is a relief.)

  • She has slept in her bathing suit the last 2 nights, which has nothing to do with Star Wars. It's just plain strange. I guess it is still better than the previous 2 nights, in which she wore no clothes at all.

jedi knight

With a 2 year old pretty much everything they say and do is funny, but here are some that come to mind.

  • The other day he was eating a cereal bar and when I looked back at him (we were in the car), it was gone. I asked him what happened to his bar. He said "A bad guy took it". Hmmm. I can see a theme here.

  • His favorite movie right now is Annie.

  • He refers to his hair as "haircut". I have hair. He has a haircut. Makes sense, right?

  • When he gets out of the bath, he has to have his hair spiked up or put into a mohawk.

  • He has to dilute his own apple juice (from the fridge's water dispenser) and attempt to put the top on his sippy cup. If these exact steps are not followed, it is not pretty folks.

  • Every ball is a soccer ball and if he wants to play ball he says, "I want to play soccer ball."

  • While watching Star Wars, he constantly asks, "Where's Princess Leia?" or "What's that thingy?"

light saber miller_filtered

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Stam House said...

Love this post so cute!!!! They do say and do the funniest thing!!!! Love the pictures BTW

Joanna said...

Dont you just want to squeeze them and hold them tight when they say cute things like that? The things that go on in thier little brains amaze me everyday. Good stuff. Great imaginations! Oh and things not going exactly step by step as they see fit....We have those ugly days too. Especially if Daddy does something different than Mommy does it.

MGF said...

My husband and I just had the discussion about how Star Wars really morphs into life for the kiddos. I have some great pictures of all the neighborhood kids playing with light sabers pretending to be Jedi Knights. My 18 mos getting into the action as well.
Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly said...

How nice it is to have your own personal Jedi Knight! And one who is a Princess! WOW!!! ;~) Kids Do say the greatest things. We've been enjoying some of Violet's verbal gems lately too.

You've got to get a picture of the mohawk sometime soon! I can only imagine how cute that is.

Wonderful photos!

Stacy said...

Love these! Your kids are cute AND funny. :) I love that your daughter needs to be called her highness...just wait until she is a teenager! ;)


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