Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My First Baby Blanket

This is the last project I finished. It is a baby blanket for my sweet niece. My mom had given me the purple minkee fabric and this gave me a perfect excuse to use it. When I first started the blanket, I thought how hard can it be? Well, let me tell you I am now an expert seam ripper. I eventually said the heck with it and decided there was no way I was going to make it look perfect. There is definitely no mistaking it is handmade, which is a good thing, right?


I have been thinking about sewing a lot lately, but not actually sewing. I have been collecting materials from the Goodwill and also putting aside some of our worn out clothing. I want to make several things using reclaimed fabric. Hopefully, I will have something to post soon.

Oh, and here is a photo of my new niece. She is so precious.


*I am having major computer problems at home (probably because of the thousands of pictures I have saved). We are in the process of moving everything off our laptop to an external hard drive. If I disappear for a couple of days, don't worry. I will be back, hopefully.


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