Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's All About the Eyes

Oh, the elusive eyes.

How I long to see them looking directly at me.

Please look at me.
Right at me.
No not over there.
Right here.
You don't even have to smile.

the look 2

Those eyes get me every time.

No don't run away.
Please come back.

Do you have to cover your eyes?
covering eyes

Is it really that bad?
the glare

Oh, gotcha! See you have such beautiful eyes.
miller eyes_filtered

I have to admit this week's theme might be my favorite so far. I struggle with this one all the time. I managed to get a couple of shots with eyes, maybe next time I can even catch a smile.
Have a look at what everyone else captured over at The Land of K.A.


Stacy said...

Oh, you got some very pretty shots of your princess! I love that second picture. Your kids have beautiful eyes. :)

Killlashandra said...

I love your running commentary with each shot. :) Yeah, she does have wonderful very soulful eyes when she looks at the camera very consciously not smiling. Lovely deep colors on your shots too.

Although the don't run away shot with the bear left on the bench made me smile the most.

Amy Jo said...

So lovely. Your daughter's eyes look so full of knowledge.

carrie said...

Yes your daughter's eyes are definitely wise - and no smiles needed! Good luck on trying to get eyes and smiles! :-)

HipMomma said...

I think your brown eye beauty has the eyes and the pout thing going for her. Nice job.

Mia's Mama said...

what an awesome series! I feel the same way...rarely get eye contact and when I do it seems contrived. Hmmm
Love all the shots...the first one is hilarious and the last one is precious.

Golightly said...

Delightful and beautiful. I can see why you want to get those eye!

Head Gaggler said...

Wow, you got some really good ones. I have tons of shots of my kids running away too.

laura - dolcepics said...

Nice work! For those beautiful eyes, they don't even need to be smiling! :)

Kimberly said...

Simply Beautiful! I know you must think of the song "Brown Eyed Girl" when you look at pics. of your little girl. My daughter has brown eyes too and that song always comes to mind. Your boy has some beautiful baby blues too! Wow!

Mandaroo said...

Your kids are beautiful! I get a lot of those 1st ones too, but when you get those looking right at the camera, even with a serious face, they can be wonderful! Yours are great!

Joanna said...

I just came here and realized I didnt make a comment on this post. I thought I had...anyways your daughter is such a little model and the blue eyes on your son are amazing. I love the please come back photo. I do that all the time!

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