Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Tuesday Tidbits

ice pops

Today I thought I would share a few little tidbits of things I have wanted to share, but never seemed quite enough to warrant an entire post on its own.

My kids love popsicles. I bought some molds so that we can make our own. I had intentions of whipping up some smoothie or yogurt type pops, but have been too lazy. So instead I have been filling them with organic apple juice or lemonade. I personally like the lemonade ones the best. They think it is a big treat and I don't feel guilty about it.

Every now and then my daughter's hair is difficult to brush after it as been washed. I used an old spray bottle and mixed about a tablespoon of conditioner (Jason's Aloe Vera) with some water and shook it up. Now I have leave in conditioner. I even use it on my hair sometimes when I have bed head.

My kids also love yogurt pops. I buy the Horizon ones and freeze them. Their hands get so cold when they hold them. So I stick some old baby socks on the end to block some of the cold and it helps absorb some of the stickiness.

I know I have more tidbits share, but it is late and I must go to bed. It will give me something to write about another day, right?


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