Monday, July 28, 2008

Keepin' it Simple Part 2


Since I returned from vacation, I have been all about reducing my stress. Not that I am overly stressed, but things had begun to get a little out of control. As you may have noticed my menu plan has been simplified. I have been slacking big time and not really putting too much thought into our meals. But you know, I am ok with that for now. I do enjoy planning and cooking our meals, when I have time to actually do it. I am still trying to keep it healthy, but also simple.

You have probably also noticed that my blog entries have become less and less informative and more me just babbling on about nothing. this entry for example. I am ok with that too. Blogging takes up lots of time. Eventhough I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs, I don't want it to be too much.

I feel like the focus of my blog has changed and probably will continue to change. When I started blogging, I had no idea that the blogosphere was so huge and influential. I also had no idea I would get a DSLR and become so interested in photography. I don't know what direction I want my blog to go, but I know right now I just want an outlet to voice my opinion, show off some photos of my kids, and interact with others doing the same thing.


Christina said...

Good for you! I need to find a way to cut back and keep the all-important blog from taking over my life, too!

Joanna said...

I am with you on the blgging thing. The way I blog seems to change all the time. And an outlet for my voice, interacting with like people and sharing pictures is exactly how I feel.

Sharing a picture like this one is perfect. Look at those blue eyes!


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