Thursday, May 8, 2008

Monday Menu Recipe Review May 4-7

Sunday: Ribeye Steak (from Farmers Market), Portobello Mushrooms and Foil Wrapped Veggies- Everything was cooked on the grill. The veggies were my favorite part. Of course, I don't eat meat so I guess that is obvious.

Monday: (Cinco de Mayo) Fish Tacos with white sauce and all the fixins plus pinto beans
I put all the fixins (can you tell I am from the south?) in bowls and let the kids make their own tacos. They really enjoyed it. It was a bit messy, but good. The white sauce gave the tacos a subtle little kick. I mixed one part sour cream with 1 part mayo, half a lime, and some chopped up fresh cilantro. I love Mexican food so this was my favorite meal this week.

Tuesday: Pesto Burgers (the recipe calls for ground pork, but I use ground turkey instead), Baked Potatoes, Green Beans
This was a nice dinner. I ate a leftover portobello mushroom on a bun with some fresh lettuce from the farmer's Market and some Muenster cheese. It hit the spot.

Wednesday: Whole Wheat Ravioli and Sweet Italian Sausage, Caesar Salad
I decided to save the Sweet Italian Sausage for Thursday night. The ravioli was quick and easy.
Thursday: Calzones using Whole Wheat Honey Pizza Dough
The dough came together very well. I was a little skeptical since the directions made it sound so easy. The dough was sticky so I had to use a lot of flour on my hands, rolling surface, and rolling pin. I was nervous about making the calzones so I just went for pizzas. I made the kids 2 little pizzas and let them put the sauce and cheese on. I still had enough dough leftover for a good sized pizza. The crust was definitely dense, but had a nice whole wheat taste to it. I will use this recipe again. I would like to try making it ahead and having it ready in the fridge or maybe freezing some to see how it goes.

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