Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too Lazy or Scared to Use Reusable Bags?

I have to admit the first time I walked into the grocery store with my reusable grocery bags in tow, I was a little nervous. I felt a little strange handing them over to the bagger. It seems crazy that I would feel that way, but I did. Now I don't even think twice about it. Every now and then when I am out and about I don't have them with me and have to settle for plastic instead.

Did you know that you can recycle the plastic bags? I just store mine with my reusable bags and put them in the recycling bin when I go to the grocery store. I shop at Publix and they have bins in front of the store for plastic bags and also foam trays. Since I knew I could recycle these bags, I decided to find out what other plastic bags could be recycled.

Here is a good resource explaining what plastic bags can and can not be recycled. Below is a summary:

These are the items you can recycle:

Grocery bags
Retail bags (hard plastic and string handles removed)
Paper towel and toilet paper plastic wrap
Plastic newspaper bags
Plastic dry cleaning bags
All clean, clear bags labeled with a #2 or #4
Note: Please recycle only plastic bags that are clean and dry. Please remove receipts.

Do NOT include the following.
The following are considered contaminants and could jeopardize recycling programs:
NO food or cling wrap
NO prepackaged food bags including frozen food bags(e.g., prewashed salad bags)
NO film that has been painted or has excessive glue
NO other bags or films
NO bio-based or compostable plastic bags


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