Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Rookie Moms- send e-mails to your kids

I was listening to the Jumping Monkeys podcast while working out and they interviewed the Rookie Moms. The Rookie Moms have a new book including 250 activities to do with or without your child. The activities are every day things you can do. There was one great idea they talked about on the podcast that had never occurred to me before. Create e-mail addresses for your kids and send them e-mails. I thought this was brilliant. I can send quick little notes of milestones or cute things they say. One day they will be able to access the e-mails and read them. Plus, they have a gmail account already in their name. It's reserved for them forever (or as long as google is around).

Of course, my kids now have their very own e-mail addresses. Luckily, both of their names were still available. Pretty cool. I am off to e-mail my kids.

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