Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Sleep For You

Last night I felt like I was in a Seinfeld epsiode, except the Soup Nazi was the Sleep Nazi. I could see him glaring at me saying, "No sleep for you!!". I went to bed early because I was VERY tired and had an awful headache. Here is a summary of our night:

8:30pm- Both kids are asleep
8:45pm- I turn my lights out and try to go to sleep. I toss and turn.
11:00pm- I do not feel like I have been to sleep yet. It starts storming and the thunder is loud.
11:05pm- I use the bathroom and take some Aleve. My head is still pounding.
1:00am- Miller is awake. I think the storm woke him.
1:30am- Miller is in our bed. He is the only one sleeping.
2:15am- Miller is back in his bed and my head feels better. I finally fall asleep.
5:22am- Harper had an accident. I change her sheets and lay with her for a few minutes.
5:35am- I get back in bed, but never fall back to sleep.
6:15am-I get up and take Bailey for a walk.

While walking Bailey, we were greeted by a golden retriever puppy. Bailey is not the friendliest dog so I try to avoid other dogs whenever possible. Of course, this dog just wanted to play and would not go away. Eventually, I had to pick up Bailey and carry her the rest of the way while this dog followed us and continually jumped on me. Then when I finally got home, he followed me into the garage. Mitch had to shoo him out while I shut the garage door. I was so mad. The owners were no were in sight and this dog did not have a collar on.

Is someone playing an April Fool's trick on me?

On a postive note, I did make a good smoothie this morning. Mitch said it was a little tart, but Miller and I enjoyed it. I will post the recipe tomorrow.


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