Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is there tequila in my coffee?

There are some mornings that I feel like spiking my morning coffee with tequila, but most mornings I settle for a little Agave Nectar instead. After all, tequila would probably taste pretty nasty in coffee and Agave Nectar tastes very yummy.

Both are made from the blue agave plant, but believe me taste nothing alike. The juice expressed from the core of the agave produces the nectar. It is filtered and heated to form the sweet liquid. It is thinner and sweeter than honey. Recently, it has gained notarity as a sweetener because of its low glycemic index. It also dissolves well in cold beverages unlike sugar and honey.

As a side note: The above photo has nothing to do with Agave Nectar. It's just one of the pretty tulips that sprouted in my yard.

Anyway, I originally started using the syrup because I wanted to stop using artificial sweeteners. I was also trying to stay away from sugar. I was doing some research on the Raw Food Diet and read that agave necatar syrup is an excellent sweetener. I use honey in my tea so why not use the nectar in my coffee?

To be honest, I am not sure if it is really any better for me. I have read conflicting information. For now it works for me.


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