Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mamarazzi Before and After Photos

I have been trying to improve the photos that I have been taking. After I got my new camera (2 years ago), I never took the time to figure out all of the settings and play with editing software. So for the last couple of weeks, that is what I have been doing. I have been reading a bunch of blogs lately that have some beautiful photos. I am a bit jealous that a DSLR purchase is not in my near future, but I do feel greener making due with what I already have. I thought I would share some of my photos. I have been using Microsoft Digital Image Pro to edit the photos.

Here's the before photo.

Here's the after photo.

What do you think? I haven't used Photoshop before so I am not sure how they compare, but Digital Image Pro has some really cool features. My biggest problem now is figuring out what really looks good.

Here's another one: Before



After- notice the watering can is now gone

Pretty cool, huh? I used these photos as examples because they were ones I would normally just delete.

Anyone have any photo tips? What kind of camera and editing software do you use?


Keith said...

Hey Gia, pretty good pictures. Some tips I can think of right of the bat are; be careful to not use a flash outside when you have enough light. When you do this you make whites extra bright (overexposure). This is shown on your first photo of Miller, you don't want the bright white that is on the reflection of Miller's hair. Next, the first thing I noticed when I saw the second picture is that you tried to bring the background in to focus. When taking pictures upclose, it is generally better to leave the background unfocused and concentrate on the close-up. Lastly, I do like the extra detail you added with the photos. For example, when you deleted portions of the photo that would draw your attention away from the main subject. I hope this stuff helps, and happy shooting.

Katie said...

Hi! I did the same thing with my camera. I scoffed at the instructions - "Really, is there that much to a camera?" I'm learning yes and trying to practice as I go. I like your original pictures better though - they seem to have that soft dreaminess that alot of us associate with childhood. Besides those are two cute kiddos - no touchup required! :-D

I stumbled in here from the Green Mom Blogroll. You have a lovely blog.

Have a wonderful day!

janel said...

I love using the photo editing software PICASA from Google. So super easy and there are so many options. I use Photoshop at work but for the majority of things, Picasa works just great. There is also a new online Photoshop that is free from Adobe I believe. Haven't tried that yet though but it is completely online.

Jen said...

Thanks Janel. I upload to Picasa sometimes and have never used it to edit. I have used the new online photoshop. It is pretty cool, but moves REALLY slow.

laura said...

Hi! I popped over here from Shutter Sisters. I just wrote a post the other day about editing photos normally headed for the trash bin at , what a coincidence! You have some great photos despite not using a DSLR, so kudos to you! I have other tips and tricks on my site, so come visit when you get a chance. Love to have ya!


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