Monday, March 10, 2008

It's the little things

I know it is cliche, but I really do think it is the little things that you do in life that really make a difference. The picture to the left is Harper's dinner. She ate every bit of it. She usually does not eat beans, but she gobbled these up and even asked for more. I guess dinner just needed to be a little more fun.

Do you hate all those catalogs that come in the mail? They drive me nuts. Check out this website. You just sign up, enter in the code on the back of the magazine, and you are removed from their mailing list.

Are you constantly throwing out paper at work? Most workplaces have recycle bins these days, but before you throw it in the bin use it again. I just use the blank side of the paper to make notes instead of using a separate notepad. I also bring home paper for my kids to draw on. They don't care if there is print on one side. Then you can recycle it when you are done. Also, think twice before you print something. Is it really necessary? Do you need all of the pages?

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