Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green is the new black

I recently read this quote on a bottle of vitamin water and it is so true. Green is definitely in and I have jumped on the bandwagon. It is amazing how aware I have become of the things that I need to change since I started this process. I am trying to make a difference and change my ways, but how do I sort through ALL of the information available to me? I have to worry about things like greenwashing. Is organic really better or should I concentrate on buying local? What are carbon offsets? I may buy something that is organic, but it traveled thousands of miles to get to the store. Should I stop shopping online? Where do I buy a "green" birthday present for a child? What do I use to wrap the gift? I could go on forever. Of course, these questions are the main reason I started this blog. I hope to connect with others that will help me on my journey. Maybe I will even help someone else while I am at it.

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